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2010 – till present

The Center for Strategic Research "North-West" Foundation provides expert, scientific, program and organizational support of the largest federal, regional, sector specific and thematic forums and discussion platforms.

 The partners of the CSR "North-West" are national discussion platforms. 

  • Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum (CSR "North-West" Foundation - one of the key organizers since 2010);
  • "Sochi-2013"; International Investment Forum;
  • St. Petersburg International Economic Forum;
  • Pacific Economic Congress (regular cooperation since 2007);
  • Baikal Economic Forum;
  • St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.

 The Foundation cooperates with regional and sector specific forums and events:

  • Zheleznogorsk Innovation Forum;
  • Sarov Innovation Forum;
  • PROEstate;
  • St. Petersburg Technical Fair;
  • Yugra-2011 International Investment Forum;
  • "Investing in People" International Forum (Stavropolsky Krai);
  • INNOPROM International Industrial Exhibition;
  • “The Future of St. Petersburg” Forum;
  • Perm Economic Forum.

Within the framework of its research and scientific projects the Center for Strategic Research

"North-West" Foundation initiates and organizes a broad range of activities, some of them in partnership with Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Skolkovo Innovation Foundation, the Russian Union of Travel Industry, and others.

Within the framework of preparatory work for the forums the Center for Strategic Research "North-West" Foundation conducts the following activities:

Development of the overall concept of the forum including:

  • Analysis of the situation in the country, description of suggestions for the agenda, engagement of experts for analysis of current issues and identification of the key theme of the forum;
  • Elaboration of thematic units that most fully reflect the selected key theme of the event;
    Formulation of key issues for discussion within the framework of the traditional blocks of the business program of the forum;
  • Recommendations regarding selection of “top officials”, key federal and regional experts, moderators of the forum events.

Preparation of the forum program including:

  • Elaboration of suggestions regarding formation of the organizing committee and the expert council of the Forum;
  • Development of scenarios for main activities of the Forum;
  • Elaboration of suggestions regarding the format of events: discussions, conferences, presentations, exhibitions;
  • Elaboration of scenarios and programs for conducting the approved activities of the Forum: plenary sessions, topical discussions, lectures, youth and other special sections of forum;
  • Elaboration of suggestions regarding pre-forum topical expert discussions, aimed at making discussion at the forum more extensive, including themes, scenarios, programs, selection of speakers and participants;
  • Organization and conducting pre-forum topical expert discussions

Provision of organizational support including: 

  • Ensuring participation of key experts, including foreign experts, moderators of plenary sessions;
  • Carrying out the campaign to invite the participants;
  • Provision of administrative support to participation of regional authorities in various events within the framework of preparation and holding of the Forum;
  • Acting as the business program coordinating center during preparing and conducting the forum.

 Provision of informational support including:

  • Preparation of presentation materials on the forum concept;
  • Preparation of proposals regarding coverage of the key forum topics in leading Russian mass media: recommendations and negotiations with the speakers.