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One of the key functions of the Center for Strategic Research “North-West” Foundation is to bring together experts from around the world. The Foundation provides a discussion forum for a free dialogue between representatives of professional, territorial, business and public communities on current issues of strategic development

The following steps are taken to perform the task:

  1. Ideas elaborated by the Foundation experts every year are submitted for discussion at national and international scale events (all materials on the subject - in the "Events").
  2. The Foundation establishes cooperation and partnerships with Russian and foreign research and expert centers.
  3. The Center for Strategic Research" North-West Foundation provides expert, scientific, programmatic and organizational support for the largest federal, regional, sectoral and thematic forums and discussion platforms, thus acting as the program committee of the largest forums.

A comprehensive study of the impact of Asian countries, experiencing a period of rapid economic growth, on the Russian economy and the economy of St. Petersburg in particular, has recently become a major focus of interest for the Foundation experts.

The Foundation annually participates in the Krasnoyarsk Economic and Pacific Economic Forum, where the issue of cooperation between Russia and Asia-Pacific Countries is an essential item for debates.

With the support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in St. Petersburg the Foundation has implemented a number of bilateral meetings with interested representatives of the Korean side, during their visits to Russia Russia, in particular, with Mr. Seung-Jun Kwak. Chairman of the Presidential Council for Future & Vision of the Republic of Korea.

In 2010 the delegation of the CSR "North-West" Foundation visited the Republic of Korea and had discussions with representatives of the Korea Development Institute, a leading economic policy think tank. The delegation also visited Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, one of the largest universities in the Republic of Korea, and met with representatives of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of the Republic of Korea.

In 2010 Vladimir Knyaginin, Director the CSR "North-West" Foundation, participated in the forum "Economic Transformation and the Relationship between the City and the Countryside” at the invitation of the Bureau of the Commissioner General EXPO 2010. The presentation, made by Vladimir Knyaginin within the framework of the session on "Economic integration of urban clusters in the context of globalization", dealt with the vision of the challenges facing Russia in the sphere of spatial development

In 2011 the Foundation took part in the second Global Think Tank Summit in Beijing, which focused on the common responsibility of global economic governance. The presentation made by Vladimir Knyaginin, Director of the Center for Strategic Research "North-West" Foundation, was part of the discussion on "The role of the G20 in global economic governance" and was devoted to the analysis of the key issues in the global energy sector, which became particularly relevant after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

In February 2012 at the meeting in St. Petersburg the "Center for Strategic Research" North-West " Foundation and the Chinese Institute of Reform and Development have agreed to join efforts in organizing the Annual BRICS Think Tanks Conference. The event is planned to be conducted every year in Sanya, Hainan Province, China.