Study on management and development policies of convergent, problem-oriented and interdisciplinary research

Industry & Technology
High tech markets
Completed project

Customer: NRC Kurchatov Institute

Work scope:

  1.  Analysis of scientometric and bibliometric data on the theme of convergent research;
  2. Analysis of approaches to management and development of interdisciplinary research;
  3. Analysis of approaches to  management and development of problem-oriented research;
  4. Description of the evolution of the concepts of convergence;
  5. Description of the main directions for the development of convergent technologies;
  6. Analysis of key political and scientific reports on CT;
  7. Benchmark analysis of international strategies and policies for development of convergent technologies at different levels on the basis of reports, road maps and research plans
  8. Analysis of the main mechanisms for the development of CT;
  9. Analysis of research projects and initiatives of countries – leaders in  science and technology;
  10. Conclusions and recommendations for the formulation of the Strategy for Development of Convergent Technologies in Russia.