Draft of long-term strategy of the National Technology Initiative

Industry & Technology
New Industrial Policy
Completed project

Customer: Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Aim: To finalize the project for the NTI Strategy and to prepare the NTI Strategy  Implementation Plan

Project scope:

  1. Preparation of a preliminary version of the draft NTI Strategy containing goals, objectives, principles and  mechanisms for the  implementation of the NTI Strategy and description of the Strategy implementation management system and glossary.
  2. Provision of administrative support  for organization and holding expert discussions on the NTI Strategy project aimed at obtaining expert recommendations for  inalization of the NTI  Strategy; summarization of discussion materials.
  3. Provision of administrative support  for organization and holding conciliation meetings with interested agencies and organizations to discuss the NTI Strategy project and  decisions regarding the implementation of the NTI Strategy; summarization of the results of the meetings.
  4. Finalization of the  NTI Strategy project.
  5. Finalization of decisions (mechanisms) regarding the NTI Strategy  implementation and  the NTI Strategy implementation plan.


  1. Elaboration of the preliminary version of decisions (mechanisms) for the  implementation of the NTI Strategy; drawing up a list of activities to be performed  to implement the NTI (the NTI Strategy implementation plan) by the following areas:


  • work in priority NTI markets (identification, structuring and development of priority NTI markets);
  • provision of  support for development of disruptive technologies;
  • building an effective system  for  working with talents for the purposes of the implementation of the NTI Strategy;
  • development of the  system of specialized services for the NTI participants;
  • creation of the system for the implementation of the NTI Strategy in the regions
  • organization of the interaction between the NTI and the  social environment;
  • formation of special conditions for the NTI companies;
  • development of the NTI management system and the implementation of the Strategic Plan


Project manager: Nina Kurchakova