Development of the TechNet Roadmap (National Technology Initiative)

Industry & Technology
High tech markets
Completed project

Customer: Center for Strategic Research Foundation

Work scope:

  1. Defining the boundaries of the market for  the "factory of the future" technologies.  Description of the scope of the Technet roadmap implementation.
  2. Development of the model driven architecture of the "factory of the future". Description of the model, main modules and requirements for the technology readiness level of the "factory of the future", requirements for institutional conditions, requirements for infrastructure projects.
  3. Technet market segmentation, assessment of current and projected  (up to 2035) volumes of Technet  market in Russia and across the globe, including: assessment of the market size in general and of its individual segments / technology areas.
  4. Definition of the main stages of the market development and their importance for the development of the "factory of the future" (as a group of technologies) in Russia.
  5. Analysis of strategic planning documents belonging to the category of documents  elaborated at the federal level, by sector and by territory, and also within the framework of the forecasting. It applies to the documents provisions of which were taken into consideration  in the process of the development of the roadmap
  6. Assessment of the development potential and scientific and technological groundwork  for the implementation of the roadmap by the following groups of advanced manufacturing technologies: (a) digital modeling; (B) additive technologies; (C) industrial sensorics and photonics; (D) industrial Internet; (E) new materials; (E) Robotics technology; (G) hybridization technology for CNC technology & AT and other technologies used to manufacture modern multifunctional machine tools.
  7. Description of key risks and impacts of the implementation of the roadmap