Technological audit innovative territorial cluster of air and shipbuilding of the Khabarovsk Region participants

Spatial Development
Clusters & Cluster Policy
Completed project

Customer: Far East Consulting Company

Project aim: to identify technology competencies of the cluster participants for the purpose of creating sustainable chains of cooperation within the framework of the cluster in the key areas of its specialization, and also to identify deficiencies in the chains.

Methodology of work:

Stage 1:

  • Identification of key industries represented by cluster participants;
  • Positioning cluster members in terms of their industries along the chain of creation of the final product;
  • Determination of the availability of organizational structures responsible for supply chain management, innovation activities, etc.

Stage 2:

In-depth interviews with enterprises to find possible opportunities for cooperation between the cluster participants, to identify best practices; review of information received at Stage I.

Intermediate results of the audit of technology competencies of organizations – cluster participants:

  • Companies / organizations possess a considerable number of diverse technology competencies, often unrelated to aircraft construction and shipbuilding industries;
  • Educational organizations have the broadest range of competencies, while manufacturing  companies have a much smaller list of competencies used;
  • Only some of the competencies of the cluster participants are in high demand within the cluster, due to the fact that main counterparties of its residents are not members of the cluster;
  • With a few exceptions, only competencies required by external players, including the cluster residents, have been institutionalized;
  • The most intensive intra-cluster cooperation has been observed in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.