Study of management and policy development for convergent technologies

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Customer:  RSC Kurchatov Institute

Project aim: Research of management issues and policies for development of convergent technologies to facilitate provision of support for elaboration of the concept of the Strategy for Development of Convergent Technologies in Russia.

Project goals:

  1. Data collection and  analysis
  2. Preparation of draft blocks of text of the Concept for Convergent Technologies Development Strategy in Russia on the basis of data provided by the Customer.
  3.  Holding a research seminar with the Customer to discuss and modify priorities in the field of Convergent technologies, modern forms and methods of organization of interdisciplinary research, formats of modern research centers.
  4. Holding the necessary expert consultations, participation in discussions.
  5. Development of recommendations based on the combination of Russian and international best practices in the field of possible organizational and administrative approaches to launching a policy for development of Convergent technologies in Russia, based on the existing public administration system.  

The most common approach to identification of the main convergent technologies is the NBICS approach:

  • Nanotechnology,
  • Biotechnology
  • Biomedicine
  • Information Technology
  • Cognitive sciences (including neurosciences)
  • Social and human sciences

Key research findings

  • The combination of two or more of these technological groups is able to ensure radically new quality of products and manufacturing facilities.
  • Among the convergence results are new prospects for manipulation of matter, creation / modification of biological systems, control systems and analytical tools, and expansion of human brain and consciousness.
  • Intensive interpenetration between these areas and a significant synergistic effect from this interpenetration  is expressed in the generation of the new fields of knowledge and technology, as well as  in obtaining fundamentally new quality of results of scientific and technological activities;
  • Russia has a high potential in the sphere of development and use of the benefits of convergent technologies. The country has accumulated considerable knowledge and expertise at global level in all groups of NBICS technologies.
  • In order to ensure the development of convergent technologies as a priority area of national policy, a number of important problems have to be solved.

Principles of development of convergent technologies

  • Priorities for development of convergent technologies are selected on the basis of long-term strategic goals for development of science, engineering and technology;
  • Application of CT should have a strong impact and be instrumental in solving crucial problems and meeting the challenges of the development of the national economy, social sphere and  ecological environment;
  • Concentration of resources in the priority areas of the scientific "breakthrough" - key mid-term and long-term interdisciplinary and sectoral projects;
  • Convergent  technologies should be developed  comprehensively for people, business, sphere of science and education and government;

The principle of openness: coordination and mutual integration of all CT development processes ensuring a homogeneous balanced environment for their development and application (research, educational sector, industries, infrastructure, institutions, etc.).