State and prospects of construction materials cluster in the Leningrad region

Spatial Development
Regional Development Strategies
Completed project

Customer:  Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity of Leningrad Oblast

Project aim: To update the Program for Development of Enterprises of the Construction Materials Industry in Leningrad Oblast Until 2020 in terms of the cluster approach, identification of measures to stimulate development of the construction  materials cluster in Leningrad Oblast with due regard to government priorities of import substitution and innovative technology development.

Project goals:

  1. To conduct comprehensive analysis of the construction materials market in regional, national and global perspective, to identify the need for products / technologies, to estimate the demand  for products and services of the cluster for the medium and long term perspective;
  2. To identify the cluster members, to assess the current state of the organizations participating in the cluster, to specify the level of their cooperation and evaluate the export potential of the cluster. To analyze the production and technological basis for the cluster formation;
  3. To analyze current measures of government  support for production of construction  materials in the Russian Federation, to analyze the  international experience in provision of government  support;
  4. To analyze advanced technologies in the manufacturing and demand for construction materials, active use of which can contribute to development of the cluster and the region;
  5. To analyze  opportunities and directions for  interaction and cooperation between the cluster , state corporations and the largest companies partially owned by the government  (participation in the implementation of major projects);
  6. To analyze  the current state and directions for development of interregional cooperation between Leningrad Oblast and St. Petersburg in production of construction  materials and in construction sphere. To analyze the spatial location of new cluster enterprises with identification of potential sites for the location of construction materials production and the rationale for selection of the sites;
  7. To assess enterprises in the region in the context of  modernization and recommendations for creation of new enterprises, objects of innovation infrastructure and development of small technology companies
  8. To create a model for cluster formation and development;
  9. To identify the structure of a cluster, including the boundaries of the cluster, the core of the cluster and the necessary infrastructure;
  10. To create a cluster management  system.

The research resulted in recommendations for organizational design of the cluster, including:

  • the plan of priority measures for establishment of the cluster, including establishment of main organizations and structures necessary for the cluster activities;
  • creation of the cluster Internet  information portal;
  • development of the subcontracting program;
  • implementation of joint infrastructure projects within the cluster, renovation of production facilities;
  • implementation of joint R&D activities, creation of a test site and a “Smart House” demo project;
  • organization of a thematic forum and  a conference of suppliers of cluster participants.