Monitoring of mass gathering places of visitors and residents in public areas of the city of Samara

Spatial Development
Urban Environment and Economy
Completed project

Customer:  “Sevzapinzhtehnologiya” research, design and survey institute

Project aim: to identify places of mass congestion and to determine types of activities of residents and visitors in public spaces

The results can be used as an additional justification for setting priorities and determining the expediency for improving urban environment facilities in preparation for hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The monitored object is the Internet activity of residents and visitors of the city with due regard to geolocation. The source  is the data obtained from social networks (Twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram) with the ability to georeference the data.  The Data was collected during the entire period of  the existence of the abovementioned social networks in the city of Samara . The data was used as the basis for formation of clusters having high degree of activity and appreciated by most users.

      Key research findings

  • For each of  the major zones with high concentration of activity there can be tentatively identified predominant groups of regular users. At the same time, there is difference in preferences between tourists and local residents;
  • Identification of clusters emerging around certain themes ("recreation", "tourist cluster", etc.) makes it possible to bring into focus places with the potential for the formation of full-fledged public spaces and recreation areas. Zones where residents are most active in using Internet can indicate attractive objects located within the considered space.

Policy recommendations for the customer

The data obtained through  the monitoring  can be used as an additional rationale for the development of the urban navigation system, for identification of boundaries and landmarks for advertising and information space, for reconstruction  of existing and creation of additional infrastructure facilities within the tourist  routes.

The suggested tourist route includes key sites and top attractions  of the city of Samara popular among visitors  and local residents.