System of high-tech products export and import

Industry & Technology
High tech markets
Completed project

Customer: FSI Russian Technology Agency

Project aim: Development of an expert analytical and institutional basis for establishing  in Russia an effective system aimed at supporting export and import of high-tech products and services in promising sectors with respect to best international practices and global technology development trends

Project goals:

  1. Analysis of the systems supporting export and import of products and services in Russia and abroad, including policies and approaches to identification of high-tech products and services, markets, stages of value creation, support initiatives, regulatory framework for high-tech products and services;
  2.  Identification of types of high-tech products and services being in extremely short supply, the import of which is critically important for the development of the manufacturing sector of the Russian Federation;
  3. Drawing up proposals for  development, testing, implementation and monitoring of the system supporting the export and import of high-tech products and services in promising sectors of industry.

Markets, analyzed as part of the project included:

  • Industrial automation,
  • Computer-aided design systems (CAD)
  • Additive technologies

 Key research findings

  1. Deficiency of certain technologies  presents a production problem for several enterprises;
  2. Scarce products and technologies can be developed only by joint efforts. At the same time, organizational and legal basis for implementation of such projects may vary depending on the project.