Development of the concept of integrated development of the territories of the Leningrad Region adjacent to the borders of St. Petersburg

Spatial Development
Regional Development Strategies
Completed project

Customer: Committee on Economic  Development and Investment Activity of Leningrad Oblast

Project aim: Elimination of the problems of infrastructure and economic development of the Leningrad Oblast areas bordering on St. Petersburg

The aim of the comprehensive territorial development: to ensure a balanced approach to choosing a location for federal and regional business units and manufacturing facilities, residential and recreation facilities, to identify optimal parameters leading to improvement of the quality of life for the population of the integrated development areas of Leningrad Oblast (areas of Leningrad Oblast bordering on St. Petersburg) in accordance with the projected level of socio-economic development.

 Project goals:

1. Definition of borders of the integrated development areas and  provision of the basis for the  definition

2. Analysis and evaluation of major challenges and trends of the integrated development areas

3. Analysis and evaluation of the siting and development of major capital construction projects in the border areas of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, performed as part of territorial planning documents, in the following areas:

  • Electricity, heating, gas, water and sanitation.
  • Transport (rail, water, air, pipeline, automobile transport, including public transport).
  • Social infrastructure (secondary education and healthcare).
  • Recycling and disposal of household and industrial waste, with due regards to the needs   of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast

4. Identification on the territory of Leningrad Oblast of:

  • Priority investment sites within the framework of integrated development areas (hereinafter - "investment sites"), including the areas of most active mutual interaction of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, requiring  adoption of joint urban planning decisions of the two neighboring subjects of the Federation. Well-grounded selection of  4-5 priority investment sites for formulation of the Concept for their urban and socio-economic development
  • Transport interchange hubs in the border areas
  • Communication corridors linking areas of integrated development and transport interchange hubs

5. Elaboration of plans for development of each investment site, including a set of proposals for development of technical projects and corrections of existing planning documentation.

6. Identification of key projects in the sphere of infrastructure support.

7. Evaluation of the initiatives of sectoral targeted investment programs (different programs) related to siting of objects of federal and regional transport infrastructure affecting the integrated development areas of Leningrad region.

8. Identification of limiting parameters and characteristics of residential development (including those within the framework of joint budget commitments for the construction of transport, engineering and social infrastructure).

9. Elaboration of the main directions of the Concept and identification of the basic work on their implementation.

10. Preparation of the work schedule that sets the stages, the sequence and deadlines for performance of the work by executing agencies.

11. Estimation of costs and deadlines for activities proposed within the framework of the Concept, including identification of funding sources.

12. Elaboration of the concept for the system to monitor development of the integrated development areas