Development of the analysis frame for the computer engineering market and its practical approbation

Industry & Technology
High tech markets
Completed project

Customer: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Project aim: To contribute to the establishment of the computer engineering  market in the Russian Federation as a basis for development of a high-tech industrialized country

Project goals:
1. To analyze global and Russian computer engineering  market in order to identify the main groups of products, specific features and prospects for development.
2. To identify tools and mechanisms to support activities in the sphere of computer engineering, meeting the needs of the Russian market and in line with best international  practices.
3. To draw up a list of promising projects in the sphere of computer engineering to promote development of engineering activities in the Russian Federation.
4. To prepare proposals for making amendments to the subprogram "Development of Engineering Activity and Industrial Design" in the section related to content of the main activities aimed at development of computer engineering.