Comprehensive development program for the city of Zheleznogorsk for 2014-2020

Spatial Development
Regional Development Strategies
Completed project

Customer:  Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Mining and Chemical Combine" (FSUE GKhK)

Project aim: consistent, phased sustainable development of the economy and social sphere of ZATO Zheleznogorsk, elimination of history-based disparities in the process of functioning of territorial formations with special status on the basis of the rational use of the manufacturing and engineering potential of city-forming enterprises, the socio-economic potential and environmental and natural capital of the city.

Project goals:

  1. Evaluation of the target scenario for the development of ZATO Zheleznogorsk, including the current state of the city's economy and social sphere; identification of  major problems, development priorities. 
  2. Evaluation of potential directions for development of ZATO Zheleznogorsk economy, with due consideration of the RF government instructions, development plans of FSUE GKhK, provisions of federal and regional strategic documents, as well as ZATO Zheleznogorsk strategic documents
  3.  Identification of the stages and key activities for the implementation of  development directions for ZATO Zheleznogorsk.
  4. Setting target indicators  for implementation of the Comprehensive Program.
  5. Drawing up a list of activities for the implementation of ZATO Zheleznogorsk.
  6.  Evaluation of socio-economic impacts and effects of the implementation of the Comprehensive Program.