The forecast of technological development of industry for a long-term perspective and recommendations for the development and application of promising technologies in industries

The Agenda
Foresight Research
Completed project

Customer: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Project aim: development of the system of the assessment of long-term technological changes in the industry in order to update the country's industrial policy, including  strategic directions for development of Russia’s  industry,  formation of a request for development of promising research areas, as well as improvement of the personnel policy in industries.

Project goals:

1. To elaborate long-term forecasts with alternative scenarios for development of the global manufacturing sector and technology markets, and to identify strategic position of the major market participants in relation to a particular scenario for development of the industrial sector;

2. To identify target leadership positions for Russian products in key global markets for  advanced industrial technology on the basis of the comparative analysis of the current situation and prospects for development of Russian industry in the global technological context;

3. To prepare proposals for government policies for development and regulation of the technological growth of industry, as well as for areas of science and technology policy in the industry and related sectors.

4. To develop methodological tools for adoption of plans and regulations for implementation of the  long-term policy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in the sphere of long-term growth of industrial and technology sectors, as well as for the  launch of a set of  industrial technology development projects.

5. To create methodological and organizational tools to coordinate science and technology policy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with the system of scientific and technological, social and economic forecasting, created in the Russian Federation.