Development of the business development concept for the nuclear weapons enterprises of the State Corporation Rosatom

Industry & Technology
High tech markets
Completed project

Customer: Rosatom State Corporation

Project aim: To identify mechanisms and directions for development of the manufacturing of civilian industrial  products through commercialization of open technology competencies at the NWC enterprises, use of their production facilities and human resources.

Project goals:

  1. To conduct technology survey and evaluation of NWC enterprises: to identify key competencies and opportunities for their application.
  2. To conduct marketing analysis of trends in the development of target markets.
  3. To calculate economic efficiency of selected trends in the development of competencies, including identification of required resources.
  4.  To conduct human resources evaluation and identification, including identification of potential project teams.
  5. To design competence centers within the business structure of NWC enterprises: identification  of the forms of organization, drawing up the list of enterprises with a total estimate of  the establishment costs
  6. Elaboration of the Program for conversion of NWC enterprises, including methodological support.