Assistance to the development of a cluster of innovative technologies in the nuclear city of Sarov

Spatial Development
Clusters & Cluster Policy
Completed project

Customer: Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics" (FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF)

Project aim:  to provide assistance in organizational and technological development of  FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF to enhance the economic and social stability in the nuclear town of Sarov

Project goals:

  1. Coordination of the preparation of the national report
  2. Provision of the expert support to FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF applications for participation in Russian Federation state programs
  3. Analysis of markets and prototypes for the engineering center in ZATO Sarov,  elaboration of the concept, the plan for promotion and development of the engineering center
  4. Creation of an international network for FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF
  5. Organization of foreign trip for a  FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF delegation (international partnership network).
  6. Provision of assistance in inclusion of  FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF representatives into profile commissions of Federal agencies
  7. Provision of assistance in signing FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF agreements on cooperation.

 Project deliverables:

  • The National report  on «Creation of complex technical systems based on mathematical modeling» has been prepared.
  • Analytical materials for VNIIEF have been prepared, assistance in promotion of the cluster application has been provided, topics for applications to  be submitted to the Federal Target Program of the RF Ministry of Education have been formulated.
  • The Concept for creation of the engineering center on the basis of  FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF has been elaborated.
  • Applications for joining organizations, expert network on the topics of work and  cooperation agreements between  FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF and  foreign partners have been prepared.
  • A trip to Finland has been organized
  • A series of events (4 panel discussions) have been conducted within the framework of  the 2nd  Saransk Economic Forum.
  • FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF representatives have been included in the Council on Engineering and Industrial Design (RF Ministry of Industry and Trade) and in the Commission on Engineering Centers and Engineering Activities ( RF Ministry of Industry and Trade).
  • The report on assistance in establishing the cooperation  between FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF and  Russian and international partners has been prepared.