The concept of the Museum of Displaced Values in the Kaliningrad Region

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Trends in Development of Society
Completed project

Customer: «Art Gallery» of the “Kaliningrad Oblast Museum” State Budgetary Cultural Institution

Coordinator: Ministry of Culture of Kaliningrad Oblast

Project goals:

1. Assessment of the tourism potential of the project for creation of the Trophy Art Museum:


  • To conduct comprehensive analysis of the historical and cultural potential of  Kaliningrad Oblast;
  • To assess the significance of the museum for the cultural life of Europe;
  • To assess the tourism potential of the project.

2. Elaboration of the museum concept:

  • To formulate goals and objectives of the museum to be  created in accordance with the objectives of  the development of the region and the Russian Federation;
  • To describe the characteristics of the museum;
  • To make the list of museum items;
  • To develop  the project implementation plan;
  • To develop requirements for collaboration with potential partners;
  • To develop requirements for promotion of the museum project;
  • To develop preliminary recommendations for the efficient integration of the new museum into the urban environment.

3. To develop an organizational model for the museum project implementation:

Analysis and comparison of the three options for the museum :

  • Trophy Art Museum
  • Exhibition Centre of the State Hermitage
  • Museum exhibition complex with display areas of  Russian  art (State Hermitage Museum, other museums),  European art (Germany, Austria and other countries) and contemporary art to be located  in the Konigsberg Castle (planned to be rebuilt)

Making recommendations on selection of one of the three options suggested  with a proper justification

  • To make recommendations on attracting participants and partners to the museum  project.
  • To assess opportunities for attracting foreign aid;
  • To describe the museum management system;
  • To draw the plan of work for the museum’s Organizing Committee on the implementation of priority steps to launch the project.

4. To develop a financial model for the operation of the museum.