Draft concept of development of shipbuilding cluster in St. Petersburg

Spatial Development
Clusters & Cluster Policy
Completed project

Customer:  St. Petersburg’s Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade

 Project aim:  to form a modern competitive  shipbuilding cluster in St. Petersburg and  to create a basis for further strengthening of  the concentration of shipbuilding companies and related industrial enterprises in the city.

Project goals:

  • To conduct marketing analysis of the target market segments of the shipbuilding cluster. 
  • To examine the current state of St. Petersburg  shipbuilding sector, to review the existing structure of the sector.
  • To analyze compliance of recruitment needs of St. Petersburg  shipbuilding sector with  capacity of the vocational education system  in St. Petersburg  to train the necessary personnel for the sector.
  • To analyze  potential of the city to accommodate new industries in accordance with current plans to create a new shipbuilding complex in the south-western part of the island of Kotlin,
  • To identify goals and objectives of creation and development of  the shipbuilding cluster. 
  • To identify the structure of the cluster. 
  • To identify the system of  the cluster management .
  • To develop  indicators to measure effects of creation and development of shipbuilding cluster in St. Petersburg. 
  • To develop the action plan to ensure achievement of goals stated by the cluster participants and  St. Petersburg government.