Tourism Development Strategy for Krasnoyarsk Krai until 2020

Spatial Development
Regional Development Strategies
Current project
Development Projects
August 2011— September 2011

Developer: CSR North-West.

Originator: Ergaki Krasnoyarsk State Autonomous Institution.

Project aim: formation of long-term vision and priorities for the development of tourism in the area based on assessment of the current situation, competitive advantages and potential of the sector

Stages of project:

1. Analysis of the tourism potential of the Krai;
2. Identification of priority areas, types of tourism destinations, tourist products ;
3. Identification of target customers and target markets;
4. Evaluation of resource security infrastructure of the tourism sector in selected areas for each municipal entity;
5. Marketing analysis, including evaluation of existing tourism products and competitive environment analysis ;
6..The list of measures necessary to reach the basic conditions for tourism development in the region ;
7. Making the set of strategic tourism development projects;
8. Investment analysis, including resource, human and entrepreneurial potential, as well as the legal framework;
9. Making a list of potential investors and projects;
10. Formation of recommendations on project management framework;
11. Identification of social, economic and other possible spillover effects from the implementation of the proposed measures.