Concept for Socio-Economic Development of ZATO Zheleznogorsk Until 2020

Spatial Development
Urban Environment and Economy
Completed project
Development Projects

Project developer: CSR «North-West»

Project originator: ZATO Zheleznogorsk Administration

Project aim: to identify development priorities of ZATO Zheleznogorsk, ensuring persistently high standards of living and persistently high economic growth rates in the medium (until 2015) and long term (until 2020)

Project stages:
1. Recreation of the context of socio-economic development management of ZATO Zheleznogorsk, including:

  • Analysis of formation of the municipality and main results of socio-economic development of ZATO Zheleznogorsk in the 2000s;
  • Analysis of special features of management and socio-economic development of Zheleznogorsk as a Closed Administrative Territorial Formation (ZATO);
  • Identification of key socio-economic and spatial development issues in Zheleznogorsk.

2. Identification of the areas of opportunity for further development of Zheleznogorsk with due consideration of specific features of provision of financing a ZATO, and potentialities of the announced projects initiated by key corporate players ("Rosatom", "Roskosmos", etc.).

3. Creation of the vision for long-term development of ZATO Zheleznogorsk (until 2020) in the context of its social and economic ties with the city of Krasnoyarsk (in light of formation of Krasnoyarsk agglomeration)and other external partners, as well as its current and planned development projects.

4. Elaboration of key directions for strategic development.

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