Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of Nenets Autonomous District Until 2030

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December 2007— March 2010

Developer: CSR «North-West»

Originator: Administration of Finance and Economic Development of Nenets Autonomous District (NAD)

Project aim: to develop the Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of NAO for the period until 2030 on the basis of the evaluation of the socio-economic potential of NAO. The strategy should outline priorities (strategic guidelines) and development goals for practical steps to be taken by government authorities and various interest groups.

The implementation of the Strategy should result in sustainable economic growth in the area, persistently high standards of living and the region's competitiveness in the long term.

Project goals:

  • To assess potential for socio-economic development;
  • To assess efficiency of regional budgetary policy;
  • To assess effectiveness of executive government bodies;
  • To identify priority directions for long term development, including sectoral development;
  • To make the list of priority projects for the sustainable socio-economic development;
  • To define mechanisms for implementation of priority projects, primarily, financial mechanisms;
  • To synchronize short-term policies and long-term strategic development priorities;
  • To synchronize activities of federal, regional and local public authorities.

Key deliverables:

  1. Strategy of Socio-Economic Development of Nenets Autonomous District Until 2030
  2. Draft strategy approved at public hearings at the NAD Administration on 23 April 2010