Strategy for Development of ZATO Seversk Until 2020

Spatial Development
Urban Environment and Economy
Completed project
Development Projects
April 2009—2010

Project developer: CSR «North-West»

Project originator: ZATO Seversk administration

Project aim: to identify the city’s place and specialization within the Siberian Federal District and within the country, to set clear strategic priorities and to identify areas for development, the adoption of which will allow the city authorities to take balanced decisions and to identify mechanisms for their implementation.

Project goals:

  • To assess potential for socio-economic development of ZATO Seversk;
  • To assess efficiency of the city’s budgetary policy and effectiveness of ZATO Seversk municipal authorities;
  • To evaluate competitiveness and competitive advantages of the urban district;
  • To assess provision of economic and social sphere infrastructure;
  • To identify priority areas for long-term development of the urban district;
  • To make the list of priority projects for the sustainable socio-economic development of ZATO Seversk and define mechanisms for implementation of the projects;
  • To synchronize short-term policies and long-term strategic development priorities of ZATO Seversk;
  • To create the roadmap for location and development of production forces in ZATO Seversk coordinated with the development plan for energy and transport infrastructure;
  • To coordinate aims and goals of the Strategy with aims and goals of the socio-economic development of Tomsk Oblast. To assess the coordination of the Strategy with strategic areas for development of Tomsk Oblast;
  • Regulation of strategic planning issues in ZATO Seversk.