Program of Social and Economic Development of Irkutsk Oblast for 2011—2015

Spatial Development
Regional Development Strategies
Research Areas

Developer: CSR North-West.

Project originator: Ministry of Economic Development, Labor, Science and Higher Education of Irkutsk Oblast

Project description: To create the fundamental principles of medium term social and economic policy of public authorities in the region with due regard to ensuring consistency of the activities of local executive authorities related to implementation of measures aimed at achieving long-term development priorities of the Irkutsk Oblast

Strategic goals of the project:

  • To improve the quality of human potential;
  • To create conditions for a new economic growth of Irkutsk Oblast;
  • Spatial and infrastructural development of Irkutsk Oblast;
  • To improve the sustainability of the public administration, including achievement of high level of safety and security and environmental sustainability of the economy.

On December 15, 2010 the 28 session of the Irkutsk Oblast Legislative Assembly passed the law on " Socio-economic development of the Irkutsk region for 2011-2015” .