Finalization of the Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of Vologda Oblast until 2020 and Socio-Economic Development of the Vologda region until 2012

Spatial Development
Regional Development Strategies
Completed project
Development Projects
February-March 2010

Project originator: Vologda Oblast Administration.

Project developer: CSR North-West.

Project aim: to update strategic development priorities for the sustainable development of the region in the long term.

Project stages:

  • Assessment of socio-economic situation in the Vologda region. Identification of the most promising sectors of the post-crisis development the Oblast economy;
  • Identification of major resource, industrial and infrastructural barriers hampering economic development of the Vologda Oblast and elaboration of scenarios for economic development of the region, with due regard to these and other factors;
  • Assessment of the impact of internal and external economic factors on the development of key industries and of the regional economy as a whole;
  • Revision of strategic development priorities, with due regard to the influence of external and internal economic factors, as well as existing barriers.

Assessment of the overall socio-economic benefits from the implementation of the proposed activities.

The document was approved by Government of the Vologda region N 739 dated 28.06.2010.

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