Evaluation of economic and urban planning development potential of the city of Samara in the context of development of the city center

Spatial Development
Urban Environment and Economy
Completed project
Development Projects

Project developer: CSR «North-West»

Project originator: ООО Samara Сenter

Project aim: to identify promising projects for development of the Samara city central area. To substantiate and confirm the status of the SAMARA CENTER project as the new core of the central city area.

Project goals:

  1. To substantiate the necessity for construction of new large-scale facilities in the central part of the city;
  2. To formalize requirements for projects in the downtown area;
  3. To identify the risks of the city associated with poor quality of downtown development;
  4. To evaluate the urban planning potential of the city center and resource potential of key stakeholders;
  5. To analyze current city development projects;
  6. To offer a vision for optimal and integrated development of the central part of the city.