Determination of the main directions for development of the Pskov Oblast transport and logistics complex and elaboration of the Program for development of the region’s logistics sector for the period until 2015

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Project aim: to form the developed regional system for provision of transportation and logistics services, to enhance the efficiency of the exploitation of the region’s near-border location and the existing infrastructure.

Project originator: Pskov Oblast administration

Project stages:

  1. Identification of priority areas for development of the key modes of transportation in Pskov Oblast , consistent with the dynamics of the development of main transport and logistics hubs of the Russian Federation and the European Union
  2. Estimation of the size of the Pskov Oblast logistics market , taking into account the implementation of the Concept of customs clearance and customs control in places close to the state border of the Russian Federation , as well as other external factors.
  3. Development of priority directions of development of logistics complex , including the identification of options for localization of customs/logistics and logistics facilities in the Oblast.
  4. Elaboration of measures for development of the logistics sector in the region , as well as indicators of development of the sector.