The impact of the crisis on the Russian Federation economy

Current project
Research Areas

The crisis forces all those participating in the economic life to reassess their priorities and development plans. The key question today is: how deep will the recession be and how long will it last? CSR "North-West" offers his evaluation of the current situation and suggests possible scenarios for cities, regions and industries.

As part of the Foundation’s work on development strategies for RF cities and regions during the crisis the CSR experts analyzed and revised a number of regional strategies, elaborated in the pre-crisis era by the CSR "North-West" experts as well as by other scientific and expert organizations.

The Foundation has also carried out separate projects on analysis of the current situation and prospects for post-crisis development in different industrial sectors.

A separate research area is the identification of new resources and directions for development of cities and towns, including monotowns.

Please, see the Foundation’s analytical materials , related to the economic crisis, including comments and publications in mass media, presentation of reports made at various events.