Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of the City of Nefteyugansk Until 2020

Completed project
Development Projects
December 2008—May 2009

Project developer: CSR «North-West»

Project originator: Nefteyugansk City Administration

Project aim: elaboration of development strategy for Nefteyugansk until 2020. The strategy should secure consistent improvement of the situation in the economy and social sphere of Nefteyugansk on the basis of the rational use of natural resources and socio-economic potential of the city. Priority development areas, envisaged by the strategy, should be coordinated with a number of already adopted strategic documents defining the development of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District as a whole.

Project goals:

  • To assess the current state of the economy and social sphere of Nefteyugansk, to identify problems and priorities of the real sector of the economy and the service sector with due regard to available mineral resources, natural, labor and manufacturing resources;
  • To analyze external factors defining the city’s mission in the region and in the macro region;
  • To assess potential areas of economic development for Nefteyugansk coordinated with the District Development Strategy;
  • To identify stages and mechanisms for implementation of the selected development strategy for Nefteyugansk;
  • To assess the socio-economic impacts of the implementation of the development strategy for Nefteyugansk.

The document was adopted by the Nefteyugansk Duma on 08.04.2010 № 748-IV.