Pilot Strategies for Socio-Economic Development of Tver Oblast municipal units «The City of Tver», «Konakovsky District», «Kalyazin District», «Kalinin District»

Completed project
Research Areas

Developer: CSR «North-West»

Project aim: to elaborat pilot strategies for socio-economic development of a number of municipal units. The selected pilot units include the administrative center of the city of Tver and Kalinin District where it is located, and also Konakovsky district and Kalyazin district which play an important role in various sectors of the regional economy.

Project goals:

1. To evaluate the current socio-economic situation of the municipality;
2. To identify major development challenges of the municipality;
3. To assess the living environment of the municipality;
4. To identify priority areas for long-term development;
5. To make the list of priority projects for the sustainable socio-economic development;
6. To define mechanisms for implementation of priority projects;
7. To synchronize short-term policies and long-term strategic development priorities;
8. To synchronize activities of federal, regional and local public authorities.
9. To make recommendations for attracting investors and organizations for projects management and implementation.

The pilot strategy should reflect scientifically substantiated vision of the future development of the economy and social sphere for each municipality, based on the integration and coordination of the interests of the population and business, as well as on the integration and coordination of the development priorities of the country as a whole, the Tver Oblast and Moscow Oblast.