Program for Socio-Economic Development of Nikel Urban Type Settlement (Murmansk Oblast)

Completed project
Development Projects
September – December 2007

Developer: CSR «North-West»

Originator: Kola Mining and Metallurgical Co. (Kola MMC)

The largest industrial producer in Murmansk Oblast, Cola MMC is part of MMC Norilsk Nikel. Since 1930s one of the divisions of the company is located in Nikel urban type settlement (Pechenga Region, Murmansk Oblast, further Nikel u.t.s) and is the largest employer in the region. The initiative of Kola MMC to develop a long-term program of socio- economic development of the settlement and the help of the district’s and settlement’s administration in identification of strategic priorities of the development is one of the measures of social responsibility policy pursued by MMC Norilsk Nickel.

Project aim: to forecast results of the development of the economic base of Nikel settlement and to elaborate steps aimed at achieving a new stage of development of the municipal unit.

Stages of the Program development

Stage 1. Research stage

Socio-economic analysis of Nikel settlement functioning, including assessment of:

  • Labor market;
  • Economic sphere;
  • Social sphere;
  • Education sector.

Stage 2. Proposals for the development of the economic basis of Nikel settlement:

  • Elaboration of proposals for giving preferential treatment to new industries and businesses in Nikel settlement;
  • Suggestions for effective use of underused competitive advantages of Nikel settlement;
  • Municipal and regional social programs updates.

Step 3. Forecast of results of the program implementation.

Key deliverables:

  • Program for Socio-economic Development of Nikel urban settlement (Pechenga Region, Murmansk Oblast).