Socio-economic development model of the Kaliningrad Reegion

Completed project
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March 2005—July 2006

Research description:
Development of the Russian exclave is traditionally viewed from the geopolitical perspective. The CSR «North-West» research discusses the topic from the economic perspective.Particular attention is paid to analysis of the new socio-economic situation in the Baltic region: formation of the common economic space, of common labor and capital markets, changes in the transport system, etc. and the prospects of Kaliningrad Region’s participation in these processes.

Authors of the research report believe that the old "agenda" for Kaliningrad Region, determined until recently, primarily, by expansion of the EU and NATO zones, has exhausted itself and requires substantial modernization. The issues that were used to justify the "special" nature of the government policy in the Kaliningrad Region (the military security of the country, reduction of the transport connectivity with the exclave, new customs barriers to trade, problems of energy supply, etc.), have not been solved, but today, 15 years later, they no longer look disastrous.

During this period of time the nature of relations between Russia and the EU has changed radically. They have established several major joint transport and industrial projects. However, the Kaliningrad Region seldom plays any significant role in the initiatives that are extremely important for development of relations between Russia and the EU. Experts believe that the future of the region to a large degree will be determined by the region’s role in the Baltic area and in Russia.

The new “agenda” for the region should include issues related to efficient integration of the region into economic (industrial and technological), transport and settlement system of the Baltic area. So far the Kaliningrad Region has not formed a package of its own projects, that could have a significant impact on the industrial, social and cultural life of the Baltic region as a whole.

Publication of the report: "Russian exclave: the main scenarios of socio-economic development of the Kaliningrad region"

The research materials were used in the preparation of Long-Term Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of the Kaliningrad Region (developed by the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, approved at the meeting of the interdepartmental commission of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia on February 28, 2006).

  • Research fragments are available on the CSR «North-West» website (PDF, 13 pages)