Revision and finalization of the strategy for long term socio-economic development of Tver Oblast

Completed project
Research Areas

Developer: CSR «North-West»

Project originator: Tver Oblast Department of Economy

Project aim: reassessment of Tver Oblast socio-economic potential, elaboration of new priority areas for the long term development of the region and bringing the Strategy into compliance with provisions of the Concept for Long-Term Development of Russia until 2020, and other regulatory documents.

Project goals:
1. Update of the Strategy for Socio-Econoimic Development of Tver indicators.
2. Revaluation and study of external conditions and factors, as well as opportunities and challenges confronting Tver Oblast economy.
3. Evaluation of new trends, problems and prospects of socio-economic development of Tver Oblast, fine-tuning of development scenarios.
4. Adjustments to the region’s long-term development priorities.
5. Update of the list of areas and development projects to promote:

  • overcoming the negative effects of the crisis;
  • sustainable recovery of economic growth rates in the medium and long term;
  • evaluation of prospects and expected results.

6. Identification of new growth points that could become socio-economic development locomotives.
7. Analysis of the results of the use of existing instruments for managing regional economic and social development; creation of new mechanisms for effective development management.