Monitoring of the current statue and the future of vocational education system and its interaction with the labor market

Completed project
Research Areas

The project has been implemented by the CSR «North-West» within the framework of the Government Contract No. 682 of 07 September 7, 2005 with the Federal Agency for Education.

Project goal:

  • Elaboration of the forms of interaction between the education system and the labor market on the basis of the monitoring of the current status and the future of vocational education system
  • Project objectives :
  • To develop the system for monitoring of education by engaging representatives of various interest groups (employers and professional associations) - the actual consumers of the educational system services - in the of processes of evaluation of the effectiveness of vocational training
  • To test the procedure for engaging employers and professional associations in the process of identification of problems, prospects and directions of development of the system of vocational education;
  • Public opinion survey regarding the current state of vocational education and planned measures for its development

Methods for monitoring:

  1. Analysis of mass media.
  2. Standardized interviews with employers
  3. Standardized interviews with students of higher, secondary and basic vocational education
  4. Individual interviews with experts
  5. Conducting focus-groups

Geographic coverage: St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Novgorod Region, Republic of Karelia, Tver Region, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Kirov Region, Novosibirsk Region, Tyva Republic, Krasnoyarsk Krai .

Research conducted within the framework of the project gives answers to the following questions:

  1. How do employers evaluate the competence level of university graduates?
  2. What are the main problems in interaction between employers and the system of vocational education?
  3. What are the objectives for development of such interaction?
  4. How are changes in the labor market considered in the development of educational institutions?
  5. Students’ motivation for entering educational institutions, their geographical, academic and vocational preferences.

Research results:

Recommendations for development of new forms of interaction between employers and vocational education system as part of the administrative and fiscal reform implementation (transition to results-oriented budgeting).

Project’s partners: Orlika (Moscow), "Resource-Consult" (Krasnoyarsk), GRTSOS (St. Petersburg)