Geoeconomic Atlas of World Energy

Completed project
Research Areas

Project of the CSR “North-West”. Project objective — comprehensive analysis of the global fuel and energy sector.

Project goal : to provide a comprehensive analysis of the global fuel and energy sector. The research gives insight on the global markets for four strategic energy sources - coal, oil, gas and uranium, and also the overall situation in the global electric power sector.

The research is based on the unique database of resources, production, consumption, import and export of key strategic energy resources and electric energy. The project involved the highest possible data updating, which allowed researches to recreate the situation in the global energy sector as of 2002. They also gave predictive analysis for developments until 2030.

In the second phase the researches created visualization of research findings in the form of maps and prepared 294 thematic maps. Geo-economic Atlas of World Energy was published in the book form.

The structure of the Atlas:

  • "Global power structure" - maps, giving the overall picture of energy consumption and global balances by 4 analyzed energy resources, and specific features of the global electric power sector.
  • "Strategic resources and regional energy balances" – thematic analysis of the situation in the global and in key regional markets.
  • "Asian factor and the systemic crisis of global energy" - a experts’ vision of the main global energy trends in the mid-term perspective, which served as the basis for the main project conclusions and recommendations.

Executive summary of the Geoeconomic Atlas of World Energy» project conclusions (PDF)