Spatial development statistics. Northwest Energy Issues

Completed project
Research Areas

The research was carried out in 2002-2003. Energy sector plays an essential role in the economy of the North-West region, where most of administrative entities are located in northern latitudes. However, the situation in the industry for a long time has not been studied systematically. The research conducted by the CSR «North-West» experts is an attempt to fill this gap.The book includes results of several studies conducted by the CSR «North-West» в 2002- 2003

The content of the research:

  1. The analysis of the current state and prospects of the reconstruction and development of municipal heating systems.
  2. Fuel and energy complex of the Republic of Karelia. Challenges in the energy sector and ways to solve them.
  3. The impact of changes in electricity and gas tariffs on production profitability in industry sectors examined in this project: a case study of the Republic of Karelia
  4. Unified Energy System (UES) of the North-West, its current state and prospects for development until 2010 and up to 2030.
  5. Fuel and energy balance and energy efficiency of North-West regions.

Research resulted in publication of a book