2 june 2017

The National Consortium for Development of Autonomous Connected and Electric Vehicles Has Been Established in Russia

The memorandum on the establishment of the consortium was signed on June 2, 2017 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The purpose of the consortium is to enhance the global competitiveness of Russian automakers and to create advanced products and services to provide competitive proposals  in the markets for autonomous, connected and electric vehicles, as well as to implement the strategy for the development of the automotive industry in Russia.

Formation of a fundamentally new technology market is a large-scale and complex activity requiring cooperation. That is why the consortium brought together a wide range of participants: car and truck manufacturers (KAMAZ PJSC, SOLLERS PJSC), infrastructure companies (Rosseti PJSC), leading players in the sphere of digitalization of economy (Rostelecom PJSC), leading Russian engineering and research centers (St. Petersburg  Peter the Great Polytechnic University,  FSUE NAMI), key "customers" for new solutions for the transportation sector (the Government of Moscow), independent public institutions (CSR" North-West " Foundation).

The intersectoral nature of the initiative is further emphasized by participation of several federal ministries: the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation in the consortium.

Plans for immediate future include putting together a package of new products and services  to be promoted  at the market  for autonomous, connected and electric vehicles and elaboration of a detailed plan of the consortium activities.

The CSR “North-West” Foundations will perform a secretariat function to the consortium.