1 december 2016

President Signed Executive Order On the Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development of Russia until 2035

Elaboration  of the Strategy began in June 2015 at the instruction of  Russian President . Over three thousand experts participated in the development of the Strategy, among them experts of the Center for Strategic Research Foundation and the Center for Strategic Research “North-West” Foundation. The objectives of the strategy are: to obtain technologies capable of meeting the main challenges, to increase the share of innovative products in the gross domestic product, to bring research-intensive domestic technologies to new markets, to increase the effectiveness of research conducted by Russian scientists.

According to the Strategy, the scientific potential of the country in the coming decades will focus on solving a number of problems, including the main risks associated with anthropogenic impact on the environment;  exhaustion of opportunities for  economic development  as a result of extensive exploitation of  natural resources;  the need to increase energy generating capacities. Among the priority directions of development of the national science identified in the Strategy are: digital manufacturing technology, creation of new materials, development of big data processing systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, transition to environmentally friendly and resource-saving energy sources, personalized medicine.

The strategy will be implemented with the financial support from the federal budget and several non-government sources. Expenses associated with research and development will be gradually increased to 2 percent of the country's GDP, including a proportional increase in private investment. The volume of private investment in science by 2035 should not be lower than the volume of government investment.