17 august 2007

Future of the Arkhangelsk Oblast Was Discussed by Participants of Round Tables Held Within the Framework of Defining the Long-term Strategy of the Region

A series of round table discussion on the Strategy for Social and Economic Development of the Arkhangelsk Oblast till 2030 was held at the Arkhangelsk Oblast Administration on August 7-9, 2007.

Discussion of issues related to development of the region was organized by the Oblast Administration's Department for Economic Development and the Center for Strategic Research North-West engaged into preparation of the package of strategic documents for the Arkhangelsk Oblast for long-term and mid-term perspective.

Round table participants included Arkhangelsk Oblast administration officials, the Legislative Assembly deputies, and representatives of leading local companies, of social sphere and branch experts.

Thematic round tables were dedicated to development of raw materials sector, forestry, shipbuilding and machine building complexes. A separate round table was dedicated to discussion of the problems of social sphere development.

The round table discussions are a stage in the elaboration of the regional strategy. The events were aimed at the discussion of the issues of the region's comprehensive development with representatives of regional elites.  

At the present time the Foundation experts continue their work in the Arkhangelsk Oblast, interviewing representatives of local authorities and regional business community about issues related to development of the region.

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Source: CSR "North-West"