16 july 2014

«CSR « North-West» Foundation has started a new electric power research project

The project’s task is to assess the results of the power sector reform of the Russian Federation in the 2000s and to identify new development agenda for the sector.

Over 100 countries worldwide launched their electricity reforms by early 2000s. In Russia, the reforms contributed to solving a number of complex tasks. The industry has attracted considerable investment. The commercial infrastructure market was established. Reliability of power grid has grown , power reserves have increased , the number of accidents has reduced significantly, and in general, the process of modernization of the sector has begun. Foreign investors came to the sector and construction of high-tech electrical equipment plants has been started.

Modern world entered a new phase of reforms. Issues on the agenda include modernization and transition to the new technology platform. Addressing these issues would lead to complete reorganization of the industry and would allow national economies to take competitiveness to the new level.

The Russian Federation can adopt the” new agenda” through analysis and evaluation of reforms and also comparison of the situation in the electric power sectors of the countries, which have implemented reforms in the previous period, and now discuss the new package of reforms (Kazakhstan, the European Union’s "third energy package", UK, etc.).

The study is based on interviews with industry executives and executives , who answered four major groups of questions : preconditions for launch of the reform, specific features of its implementation, expected results and agenda for further development of the electric power industry. Panel discussion on "Russian Energy: From Reform to Development. Investors’ View " was organized at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum as part of the study.

Results of the study will be summarized and presented at the 3rd International Electric Power Forum “UPGrid 2014 “ on "Integrated Power Grid. Innovation. Development " to be held on 28 -30 October 2014 in Moscow.

This study represents a continuation of CSR “North-West” longstanding series of research works on Russian energy sector. The most significant work completed in recent years was the "Geo-Economic Atlas of World Energy. Vision of the Future 2030 ", published as part of the of the project" Long Term Energy Foresight for the Russian Federation”. The energy foresight was initiated by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Rosatom State Corporation, Federal Tariff Service of Russia and OAO SUEK.