17 october 2016

CSR "North-West", FASO and RSF Signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Forecasting Science

The Center for Strategic Research “North-West”,  Russian Science Foundation (RSF) and Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO Russia) have launched a long-term cooperation project aimed at forecasting the prospects for science development.

 The aim of the research is to work together with broad science community to identify major challenges, development trends, as well as significant science milestones that form the context for problems and opportunities, an effective response to which presupposes a new level of the depth of scientific understanding of natural and social processes, expansion of technology portfolio available to the general public on such topics as:

  • biomedicine;
  • nutritiology;
  • infectious diseases science. 

The research project is expected to include a series of foresight events, interviews and questionnaires on major trends in science with the participation of the RSF grantees, heads of FASO Russia subordinate organizations and academic staff members of leading universities . The project assumes a long-term cooperation and prospects for transition to other  topics and forms of activities.

Participation in this project gives the Center for Strategic Research" North-West " Foundation the opportunity for entering the next level  of the accumulated long-term experience of foresight research and enhancing the Disruptive Foresight methodology.

The Center for Strategic Research North-West Foundation has vast experience in conducting foresight research since 2011, however the Disruptive Foresight method was developed by the Foundation only in 2015. The method was first applied in February 2016 at the foresight session "The Future of Science" conducted  at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The method focuses on calculation of the bifurcation points, identification of events that contribute to change in the established mode of operation of such large system as scientific activity: the foresight session participants are expected to determine the conditions under which the vector or type of development of the scientific direction will change, as well as the likely timescale for the vector change.