30 august 2019

CSR “North-West” Became a Co-Founder of St. Petersburg Foundation for Supporting Innovations and Youth Initiatives.

CSR “North-West” Became a Co-Founder of St. Petersburg Foundation for Supporting Innovations and Youth Initiatives.

The Center for Strategic Research “North-West” became one of the founders of the St. Petersburg Foundation for Supporting Innovation and Youth Initiatives. The Foundation was established by Russia’s  largest companies with support provided by Alexander Beglov,  the Acting Governor of St. Petersburg, The purpose of the Foundation is to support the implementation of pilot projects and initiatives implemented for the development of St. Petersburg.

“By supporting the establishment of this Foundation, we are investing in the future of St. Petersburg and in the development of new generations,” said Marina Lipetskaya, Director of the CSR “ North-West” Foundation.

St. Petersburg is interested in new ideas, leaders and teams working on the development of the city and providing responses to the key challenges of our time in relevant contemporary advanced forms. At present, dozens of strategic development initiatives are put forward annually in the city; efficient and effective creative teams are formed to implement the initiatives. One of the key objectives of the Foundation is to cooperate with such groups and to provide support for implementing the proposed projects.

Among the founders of the Foundation are the Rossiya Joint-Stock Bank, PJSC VTB Bank, Rostelecom, the Gazprom’s Fund for Supporting Public Initiatives, the Center for Strategic Research “North-West” Foundation, PJSC Kirovsky Zavod, and LSR LLC. Management Company, LLC RTK Center for Regional Initiatives, PAO Severstal, PJSC Power Machines ZTL, LMZ, Electrosila, Energomashexport, JSC “Concern «Granit-Electron”.

Partners of the Foundation include leading St. Petersburg universities as well as the best creative and innovative sites of the city. Among them - St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Lenpolygraphmash Holding, Manezh Central Exhibition Hall and many more.

“The young generation of St. Petersburg has the right to experiment - the opportunity to propose and implement their solutions to some of the biggest challenges confronting the future of the city in forms and methods that are avant-garde in nature and provide testing of advanced development concepts,” said Vladimir Knyaginin, vice-governor of St. Petersburg.

“We want to help talented and dedicated young Petersburgers to realize their creative, research, entrepreneurial potential in the best interests of our city,” said Sergey Salkutan, Director General of the Foundation for Supporting Innovation and Youth Initiatives.

The Foundation plans to contribute to the formation of an experimental activities area in St. Petersburg to enable implementation of experimental initiatives in four key areas of development: a comfortable, social-oriented, smart and open city. The Foundation also plans to become one of the sponsors of the public co-design of large-scale innovative projects and will work closely with the main experimental sites and key development agents of the city. With the help of the Foundation, every concerned citizen of St. Petersburg can become a “development agent” and help to change the city for the better.