Territorial Development

Sustainable development of territories is one of the key tasks at all levels of power: from federal districts to small industrial clusters. The territorial development is aimed at improving investment climate and socio-economic conditions in a particular area. The Center for Strategic Research" North-West" Foundation has vast experience in elaboration of strategies and programs for development of particular areas and regions.

Regional Development Strategies

Modern region is a region that fully understands its goals and has a development strategy to achieve them. Accordingly, strategic development and updating of the main directions for development of the regions are some of the most pressing issues confronting regional authorities. The effective strategy to meet the challenges facing the region, containing projects and activities aimed at sustainable socio-economic development and welfare of the residents, is an indispensable instrument of regional management.
Geography of the Foundation’s research projects related to elaboration of strategies and concepts of regional development covers over 30 regions of the Russian Federation.

Urban Environment and Economy

Formation of modern urban environment and competitive urban economy is a set of policies, enabling the city to position itself and hold leading positions in the rapidly changing markets for goods, services and information.
The main resources to help cities to remain competitive are investment and human capital. Therefore, it is extremely important for cities, struggling to keep and attract new investment resources and human capital, to have an effective development strategy, accumulating urban development projects and mechanisms to support key sectors of urban economy.

Clusters & Cluster Policy

Cluster policy is one of the effective tools for the development of territories and regions. The cluster approach is most widely spread the European Union, where it has been elevated to the rank of state policy. The Russian Federation has been providing active support to innovative regional clusters since 2011.
The Center for Strategic Research" North-West" Foundation was one of the initiators of this support. It participated directly in establishment of five innovation clusters in a number of cities across the country. Each of the clusters has received state financial support.
Development of cluster communications opens up new opportunities for Russian regions to enter fast-growing national and global markets, contributes to drawing more attention and interest of government authorities at all levels.