Industry & Technology

Industrial and technological development is one of the priority project areas of the Foundation. Work in this area has been underway since 2010s, when the Foundation implemented the Long-Term Industrial and Technological Foresight for the Russian Federation project, commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The project resulted in identification of the key groups of technologies and areas for upgrading of industrial technology, development of which is a factor influencing competitiveness of the national industry. These include new materials, computer engineering, industrial design, additive and modular manufacturing and others. At present the Foundation activities are focused on high-tech markets research and formation of the new industrial policy agenda.

High tech markets

Key competencies of the Foundation include Russian and global high-tech markets research. Request of the majority of partners is targeted mainly at development of methodologies and market analysis of emerging markets in Russia, statistics on which is missing or insufficient. Government agencies and corporate players are interested in development forecasting, corporate analysis, studies of supply chains configuration and added value, search for market niches, elaboration of methodological guidelines for the adaptation of world best practices and business strategies. The list of market to be analyzed includes composite materials, computer engineering, robotics, automated control systems, additive manufacturing, supercomputers and high-performance computing, security systems, electrical engineering, medical device, etc.

New Industrial Policy

A significant global trend today is the move towards the new version of industrial policy ("Industrial Policy 2.0."). The key part of the Industrial Policy 2.0. is its technological agenda.
Government’s interest lies principally in the advanced manufacturing technologies (AMT). AMT have the all-encompassing suprasectoral importance and provide the comprehensive technological renovation of industrial sector. At present, a number of industrialized countries have started to implement the package of measures aimed at support and extension of advanced manufacturing technologies. These include the United States, Germany, France, China and other countries. Russia is just beginning to formulate its policy in the sphere of advanced manufacturing technologies, accordingly, the Foundation focuses on benchmarking of best practices and establishing a communication platform to exchange views and develop concerted initiatives in this area.

Energy & Transport

Issues of energy sector development are the traditional areas of the Foundation’s expertise. The first "wave" of research on the topic resulted in preparation of the book “Spatial Development Statistics. Volume II. Northwest Russia Energy Issues” in 2002 and the “Geoeconomic Atlas of World Energy” in 2003-2004.
This work was followed by a whole range of projects, from re-release of the “Atlas” and predictions for the future of the energy sector until 2030, to projects on focused topics including the issues of comprehensive restructuring of global energy, forecasting of technology development trends for key energy markets. In additional to traditional issues, the Foundation’s current areas of interest include the issues of management of changes in the “smart grid” sector, the study of critical infrastructure employed in the energy sector, technology innovations in the nuclear industry.
Transport is the topical issue within the framework of projects for development of regional economies, regional strategic planning. The CSR "North-West" area of interest also includes the sphere of industrial research and innovation: the issues of technological development, transport management systems, intellectualization and automation of logistical processes and the agenda of the comprehensive renovation of all spheres of human activity, including intelligent transportation systems, robotization of vehicles.