Artyom V. Kaloshin

Artyom V. Kaloshin

Felzer Rus, Executive Director

Professional interests

Urban and regional strategic management and planning, federal and regional industrial policy, social conflicts.


Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science at St. Petersburg State University (SPbU) with a degree in conflict management.

Professional experience

An employee of the CSR “North-West” Foundation from 2008

Participation in projects

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  • Yuri A. Perelygin

    General Director of Lengiprogor Institute

  • Artyom V. Kaloshin

    Felzer Rus, Executive Director

  • Edward Y. Bose

    Managing partner of "Theta"

    Vice President of Strategy and Business Development "Armax Group"

  • Natalia A. Trunova

    Executive Director of Lengiprogor Institute, Ph.D.

  • Victoria V. Zheltova

    Senior Investment Manager of the Department for development strategy of the infrastructure and engineering companies of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs

  • Anna A. Mironova

    Assistant to the Vice Governor of the Leningrad Oblast

  • Lyudmila A. Shcherbina

    Leading specialist of information-analytical center of the St.Petersburg Polytechnic University 

  • Nina B. Milman

    A marketer of Division for Strategic Projects and Initiatives of "Eltech" Company 

  • Eugenia I. Kolesova

    Consultant in the field of economic, social and spatial development of the Institute of Spatial Planning “Urbanica”

  • Sergey V. Kostyushev

    Development Director of the company "Felzer"

  • Kuzma V. Kukushkin

    Ph.D. Student, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Campus in St. Petersburg)