The Foundation was established in St. Petersburg in 2000. The founders of the CSR “North-West” were the Center for Strategic Research (Moscow), the Baltica Brewing Company, Telecominvest OJSC, the Rossiya Bank OJSC and the Granit Central Research Institute FSUE. The Foundation was aimed at promoting development of the subjects of the Russian Federation included in the Northwest region as well as securing strategic advantages of the macro-region in national and global economies.

At present the geographical coverage of the Foundation’s projects has been extended far beyond the boundaries of the Northwest region. The Foundation has experience in provision of research and consulting services for over 60 Russia’s cities and regions. The CSR “North-West” actively develops and maintains its international contacts. Among the CSR NW partners are organizations from Kazakhstan, Finland, South Korea, China, Japan, Latvia and Estonia.

The CSR “North-West” work is targeted primarily at strategic decision-makers and those responsible for their implementation, as well as at expert and consulting groups, and project teams.

Among the Foundation’s partners are federal ministries and agencies, regional and local administrations, public and research organizations, business structures.